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sc0b809522Jonny Copp created the film festival by bringing together adventurers, artists, filmmakers and activists who believed in the power of the story and the narrative of adventure to change and challenge the world we live in. Over the next 6 years the film festival grew and became an international success with shows across the globe.

This international Adventure Film team committed themselves to mobilizing people through powerful art, adventure, activism, inspiration and awareness of the world around us.  Adventure Film was rooted in the concept of “Making your own Legends,” thus empowering each of us to create positive change in our world.

In 2009 Jonny Copp was killed in an avalanche in China along with fellow climber Micah Dash and filmmaker Wade Johnson.  Supported by The Jonny Copp Foundation, Jonny’s family and the community of friends he loved the festival lives on in his honor and continues to grow and inspire people all around the world.


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