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Climb. Ride. Slide. Fly. Fight For Your Environment. Inspire. Go Higher Than You've Ever Dared To Go...

Adventurers, artists, filmmakers and activists created and run this festival because we believe in the power of the story, especially the narrative of adventure and awakening to change and challenge the world we live in. This international team is committed to mobilizing people through powerful art, adventure, activism, inspiration and awareness of the world around us. Adventure Film is rooted in the concept of “Making your own legends,” thus empowering each of us to create positive change in our world.

Film Makers!

We are about gritty, creative, visceral, inspiring, poignant films. Short films as well as feature productions play crucial roles throughout the Adventure Film Festival’s year of events. We look for films from all aspects of Adventure, from conservation-oriented documentaries, to extreme sports and exploratory productions, to urban and social perspectives. Adventure Film also hosts a family and kids adventure series, so films that are better suited to a younger audience are also needed. Make sure to submit your film before July 25th to be considered for our festival in Boulder. Thank you!

Adventure Film Festivals and World Tour

Adventure Film is dedicated to World Class Film, Filmmakers, Adventure, and Environment. Every year the international Adventure Film selection committee chooses over thirty new films out of hundreds of entries from around the world. Award Winners in nearly a dozen categories are selected, ranging from “Extreme Sport” to “Activism through Adventure.” Adventure Film also mobilizes the finest award winners, bringing them to life on the big screen in venues around the world.

The World Tour spans the globe making its way to new locations and inspiring thousands of people every year.


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